Ulan Ulan Falls in Naval Biliran

Welcome to Ulan Ulan Falls

It was the last day of our vacation in Tacloban Leyte. To make this whole day productive, we plan to drive going to Biliran Island to visit the Ulan Ulan Falls using the car that we rented. The travelling time took us almost 3 hours. As you can see on the map, Biliran island is a separate island from Leyte and the only thing that connects it is the Biliran Bridge that is about 150 meters.

This is the bridge that connects Leyte and the island of Biliran. Based on my research, it was constructed during the Marcos presidency and was completed around 1975.

Beautiful Rice Terraces in Almeria

Whether you are comfortably sitting on a car or adventurously riding on a habal-habal, you will definitely appreciate the beauty of these ricefields while on your road to Naval, Almeria.

As you can see, this rice terraces has a similarity with the rice terraces in La Presa, Baguio. Only this rice terraces is much greener. In fact, the primary livelihood of the residents in Biliran is farming and the major products they farm are rice and coconuts. That’s why you will see coconut trees everywhere. From plains and even to mountains.

Mountain Trekking to reach the Waterfalls

We parked the car when we reached our destination. Good thing that we met Lovely, a teenage resident in Naval Almeria that offer local guides for some tourists who want to visit the waterfalls.

On our way walking, we were totally shocked because we just thought that the Ulan Ulan Falls is just a few walking distance. To our surprise, we trekked the Sampao Mountain for almost 1 km. Too bad I didn’t even bring my bottled water and left it on the car. Trekking got us so tired and thirsty. Aside from that, the road to the Ulan Ulan Falls is very muddy. Just make sure that you wear comfortable shoes if ever you plan to go there.

After the tiring walk, we saw this signage and it seems that we are now close to our destination. As you can see, Biliran has many waterfalls and the Sampao Mountain has 3. Which are the Recoletos, Ulan Ulan Falls and Sampawan. By this time, we decided to visit the Ulan Ulan Falls only since it is the nearest one.

NPA in Biliran?

When you reached the top of the Sampao Mountain, you will see this beautiful view. It seems like a miniature of coconut trees and other different trees. The ambiance on top of the mountain is very calm, cold and peaceful. The only sound that you will hear are the sounds of hiding monkeys on the trees.

My mom got a little paranoid because it took so long for us to go to the Ulan Ulan Waterfalls. While we’re walking, she whispered to me that she’s praying that hopefully Lovely, our local guide won’t bring us to the hide out of the NPA. At first, I find that ridiculous and I even laugh a little about it. Haha! But I noticed my mom is serious!. Knowing that she’s originally from Leyte, It was known that Biliran was a hide out of NPA ages ago. And it’s not impossible for us to get kidnap because Sampao Mountain is a very remote and quiet place and mostly NO MOBILE SIGNAL. Definitely a perfect place to murder someone because nobody can hear your help except the hiding animals and green tall trees around. My gosh!

Sweet Fresh Water

Here is a natural water coming from the mountain. Lovely, our tour guide told us that we can drink it. We didn’t took risk even though we are so thirsty and tired that time. We just washed our face with this cold water instead. Gosh! It’s so refreshing. It seems that the water is freshly came from the refrigerator.

Since we are now on top of the mountain, my mom cannot control her nervousness because by this time, we are going down. The road is very muddy and steep and as you can see on the picture, there is a handle made in bamboo that you can hold as a support while walking. Just be very extra careful because behind that handle is a dangerous cliff. One mistake can lead you to death.

On our way down, we got so energized to see the Ulan Ulan waterfalls from far away. Meaning, we are now close to our destination.

Majestic Ulan Ulan Falls

And here it is. The Ulan Ulan Waterfalls. The falls is approximately 90 feet high. The catch basin is shallow but good for anyone to take a dip. There are no cottages along the sides of the stream and it is not a place to stay for overnight.

ulan ulan falls

We left our cellphones to mom and just bring the go pro camera since it seems like raining at the bottom of the waterfalls. Of course, we don’t want our phones to get wet.I think that’s the reason why it’s called Ulan Ulan. Because ‘ulan’ in Filipino means ‘rain’. To that cause, the experience of swimming at the river is remarkable because you will be showered by bits of cold water coming from the waterfalls at the same time that seems like raining. That’s why based on this picture, the place is very foggy and wet.

Listen to the sound of rain

Here is a video of the Ulan Ulan waterfalls. We washed our face again with the very cold water coming from the waterfalls. The place is very enchanting. All i can see and hear around are the green trees and plants and the sounds of chirping birds flying above the sky. Totally away from anybody. It’s like I’m dreaming. A magical dream.

You know what, After this adventure, I felt really blessed and grateful that despite of the danger we took, nothing happened to us and we were able to get back safely. Of course, our adventure will never be successful without the guide of Lovely. I forget her full name but all I know is she is a Criminology student studying at Naval University. If there’s one thing I realized about this adventure, it is travelling will build yourself to trust and not trust people. But this experience, we chose to trust a stranger. Not because we don’t have a choice, but because it’s all worth it.

Feel free to left a comment if you want to share something about my adventure at Ulan Ulan Falls in Biliran.

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