Ternate Beach Summer Experience

Welcome to Ternate Beach

It was 3rd week of April when my love ones and I decided to unwind and go to a nearest beach from Metro Manila which is either located in Cavite or in Batangas. And then we found Ternate Beach. Actually our first option is the Boracay de Cavite which is located in Marine Base because I found some reviews that it’s good to stay there.

Unfortunately, by the time we went there, one of the army didn’t allow us to get inside since the navy are currently doing their training that will last for until next week. For that reason, we drive back and use google maps to search any beaches nearby. We went to Puerto Azul and I was terribly shocked when one of the staff told us that the entrance fee is P400 each. So expensive! For that reason, Our last choice is the Ternate Beach. We consider going to Ternate Beach since it is just few kilometers away from our location and that is the closest beach we found nearby.

Let’s Start

To be honest, I don’t consider going to that beach because according on my research online, It’s not a great place to stay in there because of some bad reviews I found like: muddy water with jelly fishes that will itch your skin so much, untidy bathroom and etc. So probably, that will be our last choice if there’s no any beach that we could find. And sad to say, our feet brought us there, took the risk and paid P150 entrance fee each for night swimming.

So this is the entire beach looks like. Just a typical beach with flags and palm trees but doesn’t have white sand and turquoise water by this time.


Sea water + Blue sky + Sand + Palm trees = The whole view of Ternate Beach.

The I <3 Ternate Beach Resort signage at the center of the beach became the center attraction of the tourists. In fact, it is a perfect backdrop for taking selfies.


Perfect background for taking selfies at the beach.

The Sand

The sea sand on the Ternate beach is grayish and not fine unlike to other popular beaches in the Philippines that I’ve been before. But it’s still okay because on camera it appears bright and white when you take picture.


Beach sand and beach ball.

ternate beach graysand

People going to the sea for swimming.

A great picture of Palm trees are everywhere. The view of the beach is great and photogenic on the camera. But since I’m an honest person, I don’t want to be bias on my travel blog review. That’s why honestly speaking, I don’t recommend this beach for you if you are planning for a special event and looking for a best place because it will just definitely disappoint you. Why? Here are the main reasons why Ternate beach is not a perfect place to stay in but if you want to settle for less and has a tight budget, Just take the risk! Haha 😀


Beautiful Palm trees

My Two Cents:

1. The shower room is so untidy and seems not maintain well by the utilities. It has a white tiles floor that make the room more dirty because of the gray sand coming from outside that made it so visible on the floor. And the worst thing happened is when the time I enter the shower room, there is no water on the faucet coming out. Most of the ladies settle to fetch water from ‘poso’ (hydrant in english) outside just to be able to take a bath. Gosh! Such a frustrating and stressful experience.

2. The seawater is cloudy brown and after I dip on to the water, I feel those itchy sensation on my skin instantly despite that I wear rash guard that time to protect my skin. Tough jellyfishes. Isn’t it? Aside from that, you will see some tiny water plants floating on the water while swimming.


This is actually my first time to see a cloudy brown color of water on the beach.

What To Eat?

Before we went to beach, we buy some fresh Tilapia and squids first on wet market for us to grill those sea foods because I find it so perfect and delicious to eat on the beach. And besides, we don’t want to spend too much for this family outing that’s why we packed some foods instead of eating out. Good thing that there is available grilling area on the Ternate beach that doesn’t have fee.


Mouthwatering grilled sea foods.

Where To Stay?

For a place to stay, a cottage is a perfect place to hide from the sun. This round nipa hut cottage is worth P750 for rent. If you are planning for an overnight stay, you could also try to rent a tent since it will much protect you from cold temperature by midnight and its cozy to stay inside.


A rounded Nipa hut cottage with monoblock chairs for only P750.


Ternate surfboard. I dunno where can you use it since there is no wave.

Volleyball: Beach Activity

If you are looking for something to have fun and yet doesn’t have enough money to try those water activities they offer like: Banana boat, kayak and etc. You can play volleyball since there is available net and set up already. You just have to bring your own ball since it is not provided.


A place where you could play volleyball under the sun with gray sand on your feet


And of course, the best part of the beach is the sunset.


Nobody can deny how beautiful the view of sunset is.

And people nearby automatically take off their phones to take photo of the sunset. Take note: These photos are not edited or filtered. I just want to show the natural and original beauty it has.


And voila! A beautiful picture of sunset surrounded with orange beam lights around it.

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