Sohoton Natural Bridge Natural Park

Welcome to Sohoton Cave and Natural Bridge Park

It was early in the morning when we prepared our things and left our hotel room in GV Hotel Tacloban. We drive from Tacloban to Wespal to go to Basey, Samar. In which Sohoton Cave and Natural Bridge is located. We visit the Wespal Visitor Center and Eco-Lodge office to pay for the tour.

This is their office, you have to pay around 450 pesos each for the tour package including the rent of pump boat and kayak. The coverage of that 450 pesos are the following:

  1. Cruising to the Sohoton River on a pump boat.
  2. Visiting the enchanting Sohoton Cave
  3. Kayaking from Sohoton Cave to the Natural Bridge.

The Wespal Visitor Center and Eco-Lodge office is a nice and peaceful place. You can order some meals if you are hungry and you can also use their dressing area if you want to change your clothes before cruising to the river.


On the back area of the office are the number of pump boats that are dock on the river. Of course, you have to wear your life vest first before jumping on the pump boat for safety.

It took almost an hour cruising along the Sohoton River going to the Sohoton Cave. But a picturesque scenery of a green river, rocky mountains, cliffs, and lush forests will totally blow your mind while sitting and waiting inside the pump boat. Each minute of your life cruising the enchanted river and enjoying the majestic lime stones are totally worth it. No wonder Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park is considered as one of the most popular ecotourism attractions in Eastern Visayas.


After our tour on the cave, we used these kayak to cruise the river going to the natural bridge park.

Sohoton Natural Bridge

The most famous feature of the park is the natural stone bridge that connects two mountains. It is a colossal arch-shaped rock that connects two mountain ridges across Sohoton river. That’s why a stream flows under the bridge based on the picture is totally noticeable.These two mountain caves are Sohoton and Panhulugan caves.The name of the bridge comes from the local word sohot, which means “to pass through.”

sohoton natural bridge

When we reached our destination, we parked our kayak and jump on to the fresh cold water of the river. We just took some pictures while swimming and totally had a great time.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Feel free to left a comment if you want to share something about my adventure on Sohoton Natural Bridge Park in Basey, Samar.

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