Sohoton Cave in Basey Samar

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Welcome to Sohoton Cave in Basey, Samar

After our cruising on Sohoton River, our pump boat drop us here to Sohoton Cave. Before going to the entrance of the cave, we wear some safety equipment first like caving helmet. Its purpose is to protect our heads from stalactites and other rock formations in the cave ceiling.

Being inside the cave was an amazing experience. It was like being in another part of the world. The cave is perfect for first-time cave explorers. You will have a tour guide that will guide you on exploring the cave to make thing easy and safe. Like what our tour guide said, all you need is a flashlight and a creative imagination to enjoy the caving adventure.

But take note that there is a restriction on your caving adventure. You are not allow to touch Stalagmite limestones around because it will darken the color of those precious limestones since they are sensitive to body heat temperature. That’s why I noticed that some part of the cave’s ceiling darken in color due to some cave bats that live and touch the ceiling.

Formation of Cave Pillars

These are what we call ‘column’ or ‘pillars’. It started to form when Stalagmite and Stalactite met. Stalagmite is a type of rock formation that rises from the floor of a cave due to the accumulation of material deposited on the floor from ceiling drippings. While Stalactite are an icicle-shaped formation that hangs from the ceiling of a cave, and is produced by precipitation of minerals from water dripping through the cave ceiling.

sohoton cave basey samar

Take note that it will take thousand of years for a Stalactites limestones to grow for about less than 10 cm in measurement. Yes it’s true. Stalactites form extremely slowly. That’s why if you will ask how old is this cave, Well, It is obviously older than Jesus Christ because it’s about a hundred million years old based on the radiometring dating.

Mystery of Cave Pearls

These are the Cave Pearls. As you can see, these are small white limestones on the ground. They are formed by a concretion of calcium salts that form concentric layers around a nucleus.

Actually, I was fascinated to its beauty and I asked our tour guide if I can get some for a souvenir or remembrance from this trip. But of course, our tour guide didn’t allow us. In fact, he even scared us with a story. That few months ago, there was a tourist before that took some cave pearls and brought it home. To their surprise, the tourist came back to Sohoton Cave after few weeks and decided to return all the cave pearls he stole. They asked the tourist what made him decide to return those cave pearls. The tourist answered that after he brought those cave pearls home, he got very sick and unfortunate things started to happened to him. It seems that those cave pearls brought him some bad luck.

Whether that story is true or not, I do believe that misfortune will start to happen to your life if you steal from anybody and disrespect someone’s territory. Sohoton Cave is an enchanting place. It seems magical and mystical. Every limestones has a story. And it seems that someone powerful formed and made this for a purpose.

These floating jelly fishes are amazing.

And this ceiling with floating penis as well. Haha! I didn’t say that, our tour guide was the one who told us and we started laughing because of it.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Feel free to left a comment if you want to share something about my adventure on Sohoton Cave in Samar.

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