Saud Beach in Pagudpud: Best Beach in Asia

The Magic of Saud Beach

Welcome to the magical, salty turquoise color water of Saud beach.

This beach has a huge similarity to Boracay. It has a fine and white sand, clear and refreshing water in which you will be able to see what lies beneath because of how crystal clear the water is. The huge stones at the bottom is very visible. That’s the one thing that fascinates me because I found this place enchanting.

If you are looking for a beach like Boracay or Puerto Galera but like the less crowded one, this place is perfect for you because unlike Boracay and Puerto Galera, this place is not over crowded. There is no restobar or ‘gimikan’ nearby and I think that made the beach clean and more away from trash. In fact, people usually bring there own food and cooked it there. You could smell the grilled sea foods from local homes that it made me so nostalgic.


How peaceful and clear the salty water is.

Saud Beach details

Saud Beach cater a long white beach with no colored garbage stain from end to end. The green blooming palm trees aligned the entire coast and across the beach is the row of windmills from Bangui. These windmills add the beauty to the beach especially when you see how each of it are rotating one by one because of the wind forces coming from the ocean waves. But take note, these windmills are not just for design, it also has a big role to the resident of Ilocos because of the electricity it can provide to each houses.


Across the Saud beach is the row of windmills located in Bangui.

The salinity of the sea will made your body to float easily while swimming since it is a sea water. A bewitching feeling covered me while floating on the sea.┬áThis place is such a paradise and made me feel to stay here forever. I’m telling you, visiting this beach is totally worth your time. Though it doesn’t have party stuffs like Boracay and Puerto Galera, I consider Saud Beach as one of the best beaches in the Philippines that I visited before.

What I am after on staying on a beach is to feel the air, feel the calmness of the surrounding and swim on the crystal clear water. (That’s why I love the beach more in the morning than in midnight) That is where I feel more joy and feel more connected with earth. With our mother nature.

floating saud beach pagudpud

Sun kisses + Floating on the crystal water = Superb!

Feel free to left a comment if you want to share something about my beach experience on Saud Beach in Ilocos.

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