Puerto Galera : The Heart of Asia

Welcome to Puerto Galera: The Heart of Asia

If you are from Manila and looking for great beaches to spend time this summer but doesn’t have enough budget to go to Boracay, Puerto Galera is a perfect alternative one. I’m not saying that Puerto Galera is a beach for poor people and Boracay is for rich one. Both beaches are beautiful and wonderful. In fact, I had a great experience when I was on Boracay way back November 2014. Click this link to read my Boracay review. Like any other beaches, Puerto Galera is famous on many water activities that you could enjoy there like: parasailing, jestski, banana boat, snorkeling, island hopping and many more. Aside from that, like Boracay, the seashore is more alive on midnight than in the morning because of some ‘gimikan’ or bar that provide not just delicious food or ‘pulutan’, but fire dancers that sizzle on hotness and also comedy shows that will totally entertain you.

So where will I start my story now?

We went to Puerto Galera way back October 2013. Actually, that was the first time in my entire life to travel using my hard earned money from my first work after college graduation and having the experience to go to that beautiful place is a beautiful memory that’s worth to cherish.

Commuting to Puerto Galera

From Cubao, we rode an air-conditioned bus that is going to Batangas, it cost around P130 each and the travelling time is almost 3 and a half hours. After that, when we were on Batangas, we rode a boat to go to Oriental Mindoro in which Puerto Galera’s White Beach is located. The famous beach on Puerto Galera.

Welcome To Puerto Galera

Welcome To Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera on morning

Yeah! This is how peaceful the beach is during morning time.

puerto galera

Ladies wearing their summer dresses and taking selfies everywhere.

White Beach

This is how beautiful these fine white sand is and if only I could take home all of these as a souvenir.

Puerto Galera's white sand

Fine White sand

The great thing about the White Beach is its clean and peaceful aura. The crystal clear water is undeniably amazing and I won’t deny that the turquoise color of water makes my heart beats like a drum. Haha! Everyone of us is looking for a paradise, a place in which they won’t feel any sadness, an ideal place in which time ticks so slow and makes you cherish every minutes and seconds of it. And for that reason, we make every experience remarkable when we are in a place we think we’re belong. It seems like this place is an epitome of paradise, a place where calmness, happiness and adventures will be found .

white beach

Striking a not so sexy back pose and enjoying the sun kiss on a white beach.

puerto galera

Getting ready for a salty wave.

white beach puerto galera

And here I am, goofing around and getting tan by the sun kiss.

Tamaraw Falls

For the activities that you could try, going to Tamaraw falls is worth your time. The entrance fee just cost P50 each. Actually I had a headache that morning maybe because of the intense summer heat after our island hopping. We went to that falls and enjoy the cold fresh water coming from the mountain and luckily, my head ache was gone. The water is totally refreshing. It will relax your body because of the sounds of the waterfalls that gently calm your feeling and the refreshing cold water that soothe your skin.

tamaraw falls

Welcome to Tamaraw Falls.

This is how fascinating the water falls look like.

tamaraw falls

Cold water is coming..

tamaraw falls

Crystal fresh water from top of the mountain.

tamaraw falls

How sturdy and hard the stones looks like.

Take note: Just be careful on stepping the stones and remove your shoes or slipper first because it is much better to step on the wet stones with your bare feet. In fact, even I am on bare foot, I accidentally slipped and lost my balance while stepping another stone that made my buttocks ache that much that time. Such a misfortune. 🙁

tamaraw falls fresh water

Sweet fresh water that I am thirsty to swim.

Underwater Cave

For the underwater cave, it is part of the island hopping and snorkeling package that we take. So before those activities, we just went first to the cave and passed the pointed rocky road to get in the cave. My experience going there? It’s amazing but nervous at first.

underground cave

It such a rocky road to get inside the cave with salty water on it.

What To Eat?

I am not a rich kid and I could proudly say that I am not picky when in comes to any food. In fact, back when I was a child, Having a steamed rice partnered with instant noodles was what I consider a “hearty meal” for me since I didn’t came from a rich family.

But things are different when it comes to traveling. As a matter of fact, I save money earlier to allot that for “food experience”, that is what I call on my agenda of trying delicious food but with affordable prices when I am on new places. You may think it is impractical and silly but for me its not. Of course when I am in a new place, I want to experience the best and famous stuffs about that place since that will be probably a once in a life time experience. Am I right? 🙂

That’s why when I was on Puerto Galera, I tried the delicious grilled foods they had, whether it is pork or sea foods.

foods to eat on puerto galera

Nobody can resist the tastiness of Grilled Liempo.

foods on puerto galera

Pork barbeque on its affordable price.

Steamed rice, grilled squid, grilled shrimp, salted egg and fries is our dinner for our 2nd night at Puerto Galera. What a hearty meal! Good thing that the hotel that we stayed in has a cafeteria that sells fresh sea foods that they will just only grill upon ordering. Despite of the heavy and abundant meal, the price of what we order is reasonable and affordable.

foods on puerto galera

Seafood + Salted egg + Rice + Fries = Perfect Summer Feast

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