Manila Ocean Park and H2O Hotel Staycation

It was the month of the September year 2016 when I want to surprise my boyfriend to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. I was actually looking for a hotel that we could stay in. A place that will be remarkable. For that reason, I visit Metrodeal website to look for some great deals. Then I found this great deal which isΒ Overnight Stay at Hotel H2O Aqua Room with Tickets for 2 Persons to Manila Ocean Park’s Deep Sea Rush for P3,999 instead of P17,454. Sounds great. Isn’t it?

These are the inclusion of the package:

  • Overnight stay on the Aqua Room Hotel
  • Visit Oceanarium, Manila Ocean Park
  • Jellies Exhibit, Manila Ocean Park
  • World of Creepy Crawlies, Manila Ocean Park
  • Entertain with the Sea Lion Show
  • Swimming on the Jet Pool of LIQUID Pool and Lounge, Manila Ocean Park
  • Breakfast Buffet at Makan Makan (with additional fee)
  • Symphony Evening Show, Manila Ocean Park

H2O Hotel

Hotel H2O’s Aqua Room features a life-sized aquarium running the length and breadth of the 25-square meter room’s wall that provides a window into the calm and mesmerizing beauty of the marine world. Fish of myriad colors, shapes, and sizes glide by as you enjoy its amenities: a queen-sized bed with cotton linens, a 37-inch LCD television, a work desk with high-speed internet access, and a marble bath.

We are so fascinated on the luxurious beauty of the room and immediately took a video of the huge aquarium on our hotel room.

Huge aquarium on our hotel room, Totally nice. πŸ‘Œ#happykid #noneedforfilter

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Oceanarium, Manila Ocean Park

Like the Aquaria KLCC in Malaysia, this Oceanarium has a stunning display of marine life in the ocean depths through Asia’s largest underwater viewing tunnel, it will surely take your mind off things as you are surrounded by over 300 sea creatures from the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

ocean park

Lion Fish

Corals and fishes on each glass tank.

It surprised me when 2 sting rays swim at my back. Great shot taken by boyfie.

I’m really sure that I’m not the only one who think that these creatures are creepy. 😱😱😱

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This is how the shark breath and use their gills. ☺ #shark

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Hello there water dragon. πŸ‰

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Jellies Exhibit, Manila Ocean Park

The Jellies Exhibit is another mesmerizing attraction that features multiple species of jellyfish from all over the world. These jellyfishes inside the glass tank vary with different colors due to its lighting.

World of Creepy Crawlies, Manila Ocean Park

From the word itself, this area of the Manila Ocean park is the creepiest of all, tons of different reptiles and amphibians particularly, albino creatures will be found. This place has a similarity with Batu Caves Cave Villa in Malaysia. Only this area is air conditioned and with additional creepy background sound that will totally freak you out while exploring the place.

Albino Frog

Albino Snake

Makan Makan Restaurant

The next morning, before we checked out, we had our buffet breakfast on Makan Makan restaurant. The restaurant offers different Asian and European cuisines. But for the buffet breakfast, we just had coffee, fried rice, hotdogs, fruits and etc.

LIQUID Pool and Lounge, Manila Ocean Park

My boyfriend and I wants to experience swimming on the pool since it is included on the package we paid for. The pool is big and clean and the water is inviting. But due to it’s location, we refuse to swim due to lack of privacy. The location of the jet pool is beside the resto bar while on the back side area is the stage for the Sea Lion Show in which hundreds of audiences are watching.

Entertain with the Sea Lion Show

This Sea Lion Show is relaxing and entertaining. You will meet adorable sea lions from South America and see the animals’ special skills and unique characteristics.

Symphony Evening Show, Manila Ocean Park

Once evening comes, We watched the Manila Ocean Park’s Symphony Evening Show, the country’s first and grandest musical fountain at par with the world’s best, showcases a mind-blowing display of fire, music, and laser lights, backed by animated marine characters projected on water screen.

Symphony Evening Show 🎢🎼🎡

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