Mainit Hot Spring Biliran Island

Welcome to Mainit Hot Spring, Caibiran, Biliran

From Agta Beach, We drive to Caibiran Biliran to find this Mainit Hot Spring┬álocated in Caibiran. We actually don’t know the place and just rely through waze. As a matter of fact, We really don’t have an idea what this natural hot spring look like.

Based on some research that I found, soaking in a hot spring has tons of benefits to your body. It can boost blood circulation, reduces stress, relieve pain naturally and can cure some skin problems. For that reason, I got so excited because this will be my first time to visit the place and experience to soak on the Mainint Hot Spring. At first, I thought this place will be like hot spring resorts I know somewhere in Laguna. In which guests can rest well and order some foods while relaxing. But to our surprise, this little paradise on a remote area is totally different.

When we reached our destination, I was quite dismayed of the rocky and steep road. We parked our car near this signage. Fortunately, the weather is great and we were able to reached the destination before 5 pm. Because as far as I know, they don’t allow visitors after 5 pm and if the weather is not good.

The Dressing Room

Tadah!!! This is the dressing room. A 1 sq meter room surrounded with excess wood and worn out roof. It was advised to change your clothes before swimming. Take note that there is no toilet bowl on that room. So make sure that you already pee before going to this place.

For some travelling tips, make sure that you wear a foot wear that you can afford to get wet because for you to get on the man-made hot spring, you have to cross the river first since there is no bridge available.

The blue part is the man-made hot spring. It cost 10 pesos each person for the experience of soaking on the hot spring. But before that, you need to sign up first on their log book. I don’t know what is that for but we just wrote our names with signature and the date as well. After that, we paid the caretaker 10 pesos each for the admission fee.

This is the exact hot spring. There is two hot springs but the bigger one is much hotter compare to the other one. The pool is big and I think it can accommodates up to 10 people. The hot water is very relaxing and soothes my skin and tension muscles. We soaked for about 5 minutes and honestly we felt sleepy after. Haha!

Mainit Hot Spring Biliran

The Virgin Hot Spring

On the other area is the virgin hot spring. As you can see, it is surrounded by orange stones made by sulfur. Compare to the man-made hot spring, this pool is not cemented and totally Virgin. Nobody tried to soak there because the water is boiling hot!!!

Based on the photos I found on the Biliran government site. Some officers soaked some eggs here while waiting for it to be cooked. Too bad that we didn’t bring any eggs. Unfortunately, we are so hungry that time and the worst thing is there is no store nearby for us to buy some food. I wish that the caretaker of the Mainit Hot Spring is business minded. If I were her, I will sell some snacks like eggs and boiled banana to the guests to have some additional income instead of sitting under the nipa hut and doing nothing. Haha! Kidding aside. It’s just my two cents.

My mom happily bring the Nissin Cup Noodles to us that she get from the car. She thought that she can use the hot water to cook the noodles. Of course we didn’t the take risk because those water contain sulfur. In fact, when I tried to get some water through my hand and smell it, it has a foul odor that is similar to rust.

This is the running hot water coming from the mountain.

The video below is the boiling hot water on the hot spring of Biliran.

“Mainit Hotspring” is a natural hotspring located on the remote area of Biliran.

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I hope you had a great time reading my blog. Feel free to left a comment if you want to share something about my travel adventure on Mainit Hotspring in Caibiran, Biliran Island.

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