La Presa and Cafe In The Sky

Welcome To La Presa and Cafe In The Sky

This is actually the best part of our Baguio trip. It is our last day in Baguio and I want to make this trip remarkable. So early in the morning after we had our breakfast, we drive from Kennon Road going to Mount Santo Tomas. As usual, by the use of google maps, we were able to find the location and the direction to go there. Luckily, the road going on top of the mountain is cemented unlike before that’s why the Hyundai Accent that we’re using on driving survived on a zigzag and steep road just to go on top of the mountain to see the La Presa and Cafe In The Sky.


The beauty of La Presa

Literally Clouds

Back when I was a kid, I used to believe that clouds are solid particles on the sky. Yeah you may laugh now and think how stupid I was before. Haha! I really don’t know where did I come up from that idea. Maybe because its fluffiness has a resemblance to a sweet cotton candy that used to be my favorite sweets to eat before. For that reason, every time I look at the sky back when I was young and even until now, I can’t help myself to feel relax. It made me wish that someday, I’m gonna go up there, touch the clouds , smell it, or even taste it. haha!

So while we’re driving up the mountain, I notice that the surroundings become more foggy. Take note, it’s actually 2 pm that time and before we drive up on the mountain, the sun is shining. So where is the sun now on top of the mountain? Where did it hide and why we can’t see it? It is covered by the clouds. Isn’t it amazing?

So we just stop over and took photos and videos of the surroundings. It is just ridiculous that by the time I went out from the car and take out my phone to take selfie, I inhaled the cold clouds that passed in front of me and it made me sneeze after.


Smoky cold clouds.

The Road

If you are driving, I advice you to be very extra careful because driving on top of the mountain is not a piece of cake especially that the road is foggy, steep and zigzag. You really need to be keen on your direction and surrounding.


The steep road. Be careful.

It is actually even frightful to look at the cliff because all you can see are the clouds at the bottom. The worst thing is, some of the road  doesn’t have fence yet. Driving on top of the mountain is definitely an extreme yet adventurous experience ever.


Some roads doesn’t have fence yet.

 Everywhere I look, I see clouds. Where am I? In heaven?


Clouds everywhere. Where am I? in heaven?

Highlights of Sitio La Presa

Since it is summer, the soil is dry and the planted crops are just starting on growing.


Dry soil


Planted crops are just starting on growing.

What To Eat?

The Cafe In the Sky

This famous cafe restaurant serve the best ‘bulalo’ or known as beef stew in town. This place is worth your time because the food and the place is great. In fact, the fresh vegetables they use to serve on ‘bulalo’ are freshly harvested from Sitio La Presa and I could honestly say that I am not having a second thought about it because I tasted the tenderness and crispiness of the vegetables that compliments the tastiness of the beef.


Cafe in the Sky

The Place

The ambiance of the place is perfect and relaxing.


The relaxing ambiance of the place.

The Counter

The counter area looks inviting. They offer several beverages that you want whether it is soda, wine or energy drink. If you think that this cafe seems like a fancy restaurant, No it’s not. In fact, it is SELF SERVICE. Regarding on the mode of payment, they only accept cash basis and not credit card. Too sad. 🙁 I think it is because they are not using any POS machine yet that’s why all the sales transactions and orders are still in manual basis.


The counter area

The Food

The meal is incredibly delicious. Particularly, the ‘bulalo’ which is a native food to the Southern Luzon region of the Philippines. The deliciousness of ‘bulalo’ is almost the same with what the restaurants on Tagaytay usually served. The only difference is the vegetables is obviously fresh and has a sweet and crisp taste since it was freshly harvest from the La Presa.


Bulalo + Crispy Lechon Kawali with Rice = Delicious

The beautiful view from the restaurant

La Presa and Cafe in the Sky

The beautiful sea of clouds

Eating outside and seeing the clouds in front of you is the best wonderful feeling ever.


The smoke in front of me are literally the clouds. Isn’t it amazing?

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