Jalan Alor, A Foodie Heaven in Kuala Lumpur

Welcome To Jalan Alor

After the very tiring adventure we had for the day, having a heartful and delicious dinner will be the best reward for the very exhausted yet productive day we had. So for that reason, We go to the famous night street Foodie Heaven in Kuala Lumpur, the Jalan Alor.

Jalan in English means Street and Alor is the name of that street. So in English, it means ‘Alor Street’. Jalan Alor is the best and unique food destination in the heart of Kuala Lumpur It has a similarity with Baguio Night Market of the Philippines. But Jalan Alor has rows of restaurants that offer Malaysian cuisine.  During daytime, there aren’t much activity. But when the sun goes down, the street will be hustling and bustling with different activities. Each row on the street as you step by has different items to offer. From delicious and authentic meals unto affordable bags and clothes that is perfect for souvenirs. There are different services like massage spa and night bars also.

Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor during night time.

How To Go There?

So from Jalan Pudu, in which our hotel Citin Seacare is located, it is just a walking distance to Jalan Alor and only took us 10 minutes to go there. Since it is within Bukit Bintang area, it’s easy to find if you are staying somewhere in the city center. For example, Radium Palace is 1 minute from the food street, from Capitol Hotel it is a 2 minute walk and 5-star Grand Millennium is only 10 minutes from Jalan Alor. If you are staying outside the city center, you can get to Jalan Alor by metro. Get out at Bukit Bintang Station (right next to Lot10 Shopping Mall). From there it is a 5 minute walk to Jalan Alor.

Delicious Foods at Jalan Alor

If you think that some of the best culinary delights that Malaysia has to offer are at the swanky overpriced restaurants that will ruin your budget, Well, You got it wrong. Because you can find it on Jalan Alor, right at the sidewalks and in the rows and rows of hawker stalls. These foods are not just for local people but for foreigners also because of several variety of foods they offer. In fact, most tourists frequently visit Jalan Alor to taste the unique dishes. That they would probably not be able to taste when they back home. These stalls will take up both sides of the road selling food that best represents Malaysia.

Jalan Alor Streetfoods

Jalan Alor Streetfoods

The best advice for people who wish to visit Jalan Alor is to bring their appetite. As mentioned, there are plenty options from here and you wouldn’t be able to try everything in a single trip. So it’s important to make several trips to this street if ever you will not be returning to Jalan Alor.

In fact, On the whole week of our vacation in Kuala Lumpur, we spend our dinner time on Jalan Alor because of the delicious and afforadable dishes they offer that I guess if we check on the restaurants nearby, it will be double in price. So, for practicality reason, Jalan Alor is the best place to have dinner because you are not just tasting the food but also the culture in Malaysia. Diversity does not just exist in the population but that very factor that makes Malaysia so special is also translated in its cooking.

Spicy Sea Foods

This is actually a fried Tilapia seasoned with sweet chili sauce on top. Great thing that customers on the restaurant gives privilege to customers to choose which fishes or sea foods on the aquarium they want to be cook and it will be prepare and serve right away.

Spicy Fish

Fried Fish with spicy sauce on top

One thing I noticed on Malaysian foods is majority of their dishes are spicy even sauteed vegetables!. Haha! Fortunately, I love sea foods and I love spicy foods so I guess I definitely in a right place to experience and appreciate the authenticity of Malaysian culture through their cuisine.

Steamed Crab

Steamed Crab seasoned with sweet sauce

Steamed Shrimp

Smoky Steamed Shrimp

Best Milk Tea Ever!!!

Your trip to Jalan Alor will not be complete if you didn’t try this 3 Layer Tea. Especially, if you are a big fan of milk tea or Nai Cha. From the word itself, the tea has 3 layers on it. And as you notice on the photo below, the bottom brown layer is the syrup made in melted sugar blend with coconut milk, the second layer is the evaporated milk and on the top layer is the brewed tea with cube ice on it. Each glasses cost 6 RM.

Even if you are not a fan of milk tea, I definitely recommend this drink because as I mentioned, majority of Malaysian foods are spicy and the only drink that can soothe and relieve your tongue from the spiciness of the food is milk.

3 Layer Tea

3 Layer Tea

On our last dinner on Jalan Alor, we still stick with sea foods. Aside from the Hainanese chicken rice that we ordered.

Heartful dinner

A delightful last dinner in Jalan Alor

Looking For Desserts?

Variety of desserts will be found on the sidewalk. But this icecream totally caught my attention. As a result, I took a video of this unusual preparation that the vendor did for this ice cream.

Voila! the final product is here. A delicious and creamy Mango Vanilla Ice cream made with patience and love for only 10 RM.


Delicious Mango Vanilla Icecrea

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