The Importance of Refinement

The Importance of Refinement

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The Importance of Refinement

When it comes to refinement, etiquette and manners, it is one of those subjects we do not think about every single day. However, we do notice when others have manners or don’t have manners. But when it comes to etiquette, many people think it is stuffy, it is old-fashioned, and it is out-dated. I’ll admit that sometimes I too, question its significance. It does appear superficial at times.

People nowadays all live in a very rushed life today. People are becoming more casual in many ways. Families spend less time together. Many people don’t know how to display courtesies to other people especially on social media. So in what area today is etiquette more relevant to our life?

The truth is, it is still relevant in all areas of life. Being a refined and classy woman will bring you to places. Learning nice ways to treat other people will simply open doors for you. If you know how to make a good impression, how to say and do proper things in all situations, people will like you. You will be offered opportunities in life and may be in your future career as well. Wealth sometimes can take you to certain places, but good manners can take you to some even better places. Doors will open for you, something that sometimes money can’t do.

What Exactly is Refinement?

Refinement is a work in process. It is not inborn. It has to be learnt, hammered into and practiced constantly. I like to say that learning to be refined is simply a habit of getting better at being you. Ladies and gentlemen are not born. They are made. If they are fortunate, they are made by persistent parents.

The word ‘Etiquette’ is French in origin means ‘tag’ or a ‘label’, which basically means that people will form opinions of you just by looking at you. By the way you look, or walk or talk, or actually treat other people. Yes it is very true, those certain things will label you as a person. Etiquette changes as time goes by. Through the changes of modern technology, a refined person’s etiquette can now be shown through how he/she reply through email, mobile phone, social medias and many more. But all in all, etiquette is just all about how you behave in every situation and how you treat people around you with courtesy.

Now, would you like to be more respected and admired? In other words, would you like to have the manners of a lady or a gentleman? If that so, you must learn first how a classy lady build a great impression.

Here are some of the things I realized how being a refined and classy woman definitely paid off.

It elevates your social standing and confidence.

Refinement will helps your worth to be more fully recognized and appreciated. It elevates your social standing and confidence. A refined person gains considerable influence much more easily than a person with slovenly habits, despite being an awesome person. Especially when it comes to business. Now that most businesses are being done on global level, you need to also take care to understand foreign cultures, their manners, and their etiquette. For you to have a smooth and easy business transactions with foreign investors or clients if possible. For that reason, etiquette and manners are still very relevant today especially in the field of business.

It increases your self-worth

When you pursues and values refinement, not only you will earn the approval of people around you, you will respect and appreciate yourself. You increases your feelings of self-worth. You also increases your possibilities of marrying well i.e. gain a higher quality partner.

It increases your own chance of succeeding socially

If you are refined, you increases your own chance of succeeding socially. Unfortunately often in life, we are given about thirty seconds to make a good impression. If we fail to make a favorable impression, most people won’t stick around to find out if you have a heart of gold or not. That’s the truth,  we don’t have the second chance to form a good first impression again.

Refinement also builds morale

When you encounter a person who is slovenly, careless, blunt or rude, it may seem that he or she is tacky and does not care what one thinks. In actuality, he or she may be experiencing low morale and feel inferior. As elegant woman, we can teach our family and ourselves the values of refinement. We make effort to learn how to speak correctly, how to think of others and be courteous and to engage in personal grooming to have a proper appearance. This type of training, as rigid as it may be will produce fine ladies and gentlemen. If you find yourself wallowing in insecurity, the pursuit of elegance and refinement will help you feel equal to everyone else.

But a good thing to remember about refinement, it’s not stuffy, it’s not rigid, it is not a kill-joy and most certainly, being refined is not being boring.  In fact, it makes you feel more free and more confident. So when you do apply refinement in your life, always apply it with grace and ease.

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