Horseback Ride to Taal Volcano Crater

Welcome to Taal Volcano Crater

Taal Volcano is the smallest active volcano in the world. This volcano is different because it is surrounded by a freshwater and located at the center of the lake (which is the Taal Lake). Therefore, Taal Volcano is a volcano and an island at the same time since it is a mass of soil surrounded by the water. This geological wonder is such a wonderful place to visit in Tagaytay. Your experience visiting Tagaytay will not be complete without seeing the beauty of the Taal Volcano’s crater. Make sure to add this on your travel list because it’s totally worth it.

Actually, visiting the Taal Volcano crater is not part of our plan. While we are driving on Tagaytay going to Picnic Groove, we saw this guy holding a binder and waving to us. To our curiosity, we stop the car and ask ‘manong’ what he offers. And then we found out that ‘manong’ offers some Boat Ride and Horseback Ride packages going to Taal Crater. Since we have a thirst on travel adventure and I am definitely curious what Taal crater looks like upon close up, we took the opportunity.

Taal Volcano

The beauty of Taal Volcano

How To Get There?

If you don’t have a car, one option that you can consider to go to Taal Lake is ride a tricycle. It cost 500 pesos back and forth. It may sound expensive but I think it’s worth it because driving to the zigzag road going down to this town is not easy.

Another option is to drive using your car. This road is almost the same with the Kennon Road on Baguio so you have to be alert and extra careful while driving. Good thing that we have a car and didn’t pay anything for the tricycle fare. Since we don’t know the location of the lake, we just ask ‘manong’ to get inside the car for him to guide us to the location.

Once we are on our destination, we parked the car and signed up for the waiver and pay for boat ride and environmental fee after. I can now see the entire Taal lake and the boats that are waiting for us on the port.

Boat Ride

The boat ride fee cost 1,200 pesos. You will definitely enjoy riding on the boat and seeing the entire Taal Lake. It took almost half an hour before we reach the small village on the Taal Volcano.

The best time to ride on a boat and go to the Taal Volcano is early in the morning. I think around 6 am is much better to avoid the summer heat. As you notice, there are plenty of water plants at the bottom of the lake. It looks creepy and I can’t imagine myself swimming there. haha!

Trivia: The water on the Taal Lake is freshwater. While the water on the Taal Crater Volcano is a salt water.

Horse Back Riding

There are two ways for you to get on top of the volcano crater. It’s either trekking or horse back riding. Since we want to experience riding on a horse and think it will be a lot more fun, we chose the horse back ride package and it cost a total of 1,500 pesos for the two horses.

Since it is a dusty road, make sure that you wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth. Actually, before you ride on a horse, there are vendors that walking around and sell face mask that cost 20 pesos each. Good thing that we bought from them because this is so useful.

One thing that amazed me while I am riding on a horse is when I saw those hot surfaces that emit smoke. One of the tour guide that residing on Talisay told me that those are the places in which, they use the hot surface as a stove to cook food or boil some water. It’s practical but I actually find it unsafe. I don’t want to get accidentally burn by some volcanic lava. LOL!

The Crater

And here we are on top of the Taal volcano seeing its beautiful crater. Good thing that I brought my GoPro camera for the wide angle shot because it’s difficult to capture the whole crater using a phone camera. Yes. The crater might just look small on this photo but realistically, it’s very wide and huge.

Want to see it closer?

The water on the crater has a bluish green color because it’s a salt water from the ocean. As you look closer, it has boiling bubbles from the bottom that’s coming up. Aside from that, the top surface of the water has a jelly like texture that prevent water from moving.

On the shore of the crater, you can also see some small hot surface that emit smoke coming from its tiny hole. The plants are dry and the whitish part seems like crater ashes. I think those are sulfur from the volcano.

The view of sunset here at the Taal Crater is majestic.

What To Eat

It is almost 7 pm by the time we are done on our trip and started to drive home. We all know that Tagaytay City has a cold temperature and honestly, we can’t take the cold breeze that time. That’s why we decided to stop for awhile at the Starbucks Tagaytay to heat ourselves up by sipping some hot coffee. The fact that I’m a coffee lover, I definitely enjoyed my cup of coffee with the perfect ambiance of the place while staying at the coffee shop. What we ordered are hot Caramel Macchiato and a Cinnamon Bun glazed with sugar. It cost only 65 pesos for the Cinnamon Bun and 130 pesos for the hot coffee.

It such a wonderful and remarkable experience that I’m surely will not forget. Driving on a zigzag road, the boat ride, the horseback ride, the volcano crater and the cup of coffee and Cinnamon bun are all worth it.

Travel Tips:

 1. Bring a lot of drinks. (Bottled water, Gatorade and etc.) because the cost of drinks that the vendors on the village sell is twice the market price.

2.  Bring a mask because the route become dusty due to the ashes from the volcano. I’m sure you don’t want to inhale that.

3. Wear comfortable outfit. Preferably, clothes that will protect you from the sun. (leggings, long sleeves, rubber shoes, cap or hat, sun glasses and etc.)

4. Eat a heavy meal. You need energy for trekking or horse back riding.

5. Bring a wide lens camera to capture the whole volcano crater. Preferably GoPro camera.

Feel free to left a comment if you want to share something about my travel adventure on the Taal Volcano Crater.

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