How to be a Classy Lady

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How to be a Classy Lady

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You don’t have to be well dressed or have a lot of money just to be a Classy Lady. Class is what comes from the inside. Some people may think that being classy is more on physical appearance and financial status. But the truth is, being classy is about your character, manners, etiquette, charisma and overall how you carry yourself and make decisions in life.

I’ve met many women that despite of being wealthy, who are brash, rough around the edges and often just downright rude and unladylike. On the other hand, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many women who are polite, kind, helpful, respectful to others and most certainly humble despite of being wealthy. Truly, no matter how wealthy a person is, you cannot buy class and manners. Being classy is a decision, with or without money. In my observations and own personal upbringing, these are what I learned on how to be a classy lady.

1. A Classy Lady is generous to SMILE

Smiling creates a more pleasant environment for those around you and keeps your spirits up too. No matter what life is throwing at you each day, always practice to smile. A classy lady is charismatic and spreads positivity to other people’s lives. Showing those sweet smile influence people around you to be nice to other people as well. But what if you have a ‘resting-bitch face’ and people always find you intimidating? Again, being classy is a decision. And if you really want to be classy and replace that resting-bitch face with a sweet-loving face, you can practice yourself in front of the mirror to have a pleasant smile. Practice makes perfect.

2. A Classy Lady never brags

Social media became more accessible and keeping in touch with your circle of friends became very easy nowadays. As a result, Millennials and even celebrities use social media as an avenue to brag and show material possessions to their circle. You can observe that from the material things that they post online unto the luxurious travel vacation they’re in. Some of you may raise their eyebrow and said ‘So what? That’s our hard earned money and there is nothing wrong if we post those Gucci and Louis Vuitton online. and besides we worked hard for it anyway’.

The thing is, some Nouveau riche are focus on making themselves look successful rather than be successful. Being classy is to be not vulgar and trying hard. If you are a ‘truly rich classy lady’, there is no need to show off and seek approval from other people that you are truly rich, intelligent and belong to a high social status. A classy lady always show humility and the people around her will be the testimony of her grace and elegance. You can still post on social media about your travel vacation in a classy way without looking arrogant.

3. A Classy Lady never nags

Have you seen a woman who yells her husband at dinner? screams at her kids and rants until everyone and everything is in order?. Well, That is so unappealing. Replace anger, yelling and rage with softness and grace. Calmly ask your children, spouse or friends to do something for you in a polite tone. I’m not suggesting you fake who you are but simply move in a direction that exudes class and respect for those around you.

4. A Classy Lady observes Proper Hygiene

Classy women are not dirty. They don’t sleep with all their makeup on at night, they brush and floss regularly, and take care of their health. Firstly, showering daily is a must. Being clean is not just for everyone else who smells you but it is for you to feel clean, fresh and confident. Secondly, a classy lady is not just clean on her body but on her surroundings as well. You must manage to clean your house and make your stuffs organize and of course avoid littering on public.

5. A Classy Lady has an Immaculate voice

There is no need to speak in slang. Learn the English language properly and try your best to use it and your most polished vocabulary daily. Form your words fully. Accent or no accent people want to understand what you are saying, so always strive to speak clearly. Your voice when speaking must not too loud and obnoxious. Try to talk in a sweet and calm way by modulating your voice.

6. A Classy Lady says no to Profanity

Classy women do not curse and speak like a drunken sailor, it just doesn’t work. They use creative vocabulary instead. For example: Someone cuts you off in a parking lot and nearly causes a huge accident. Don’t stick your head out the window and say “What the *%$# were you thinking?!” and give them the finger, rather keep it to yourself. No matter how mad you are or how panicked you feel, don’t lose your temper and cuss. Not only is this not lady-like (nor is it gentleman-like, just plain rude) but if you had your children in the car, they might be likely to acquire it.

7. A Classy Lady dress how she wants to be addressed

Your Appearance Matters. You want to be addressed as a classy woman that’s why you have to dress like one. Meaning, you have to show respect, elegance and decency on any outfit that you are wearing. You don’t need to have a lot of money, or any for that matter to be a classy woman. Simply take pride in what you do own and always put on your best face when you go outside. Always wear clean clothes, freshly pressed with no threads, rips, stains or fading. Avoid wearing provocative outfits that shows too much skin like blouses that shows cleavage, sleeveless and short skirts. Instead neatly put together an outfit that you know looks good like 3/4 sleeve dress, turtle neck, scarf and etc.

8. A Classy Lady doesn’t get drunk

Celebrating with friends, family or colleagues with a couple of glasses of wine isn’t a sin especially if you can handle it. Getting drunk at a party then dancing on the table and singing is just so trashy. You won’t like what people say about you and what they might recall later. It just isn’t worth it! Classy women know their limits, drink with them and choose to drink sparkling water to mingle with the crowd but not cause an accident on the way home.

9. A Classy Lady has poise

Whether you are entering or leaving a room, grabbing a few groceries or pumping gas, hold your head up high. I’m not kidding- head up, shoulders back, lengthen your spine and tuck your tummy in. Gracefully walk to your destination, always with purpose. Classy women always appear as though they have just landed in from Paris and are only in town for 2 days to grace you with their presence. You have accomplished a lot to date. You need to show yourself strong, confident and proud. You’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel about yourself and how many heads will turn too!

10. A Classy Lady is polite and respectful

A classy lady is not racist. A classy lady respect other’s opinion and most certainly, a classy lady respects other people regardless of their status. Despite of wearing a classy outfit and walking with poise, you cannot be completely consider as a classy lady if you are disrespectful by the moment you speak and treat other people. You must treat waiters, maids and other types of people in service with the same respect as how you treat CEOs. Remember, how you treat them will always reflect about you as a person.

I hope you’ve found these basic tips to be helpful in becoming a more classy woman. You may not always do everything perfectly. But the most important thing is, you get out there and be your personal best.

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