Agta Beach Resort in Biliran for 20 pesos

Welcome to Agta Beach Resort in Biliran Island

From Ulan Ulan Falls in Sampao, we drive going to Agta Beach since this is nearest beach located in Almeria. My boyfriend told me that he had been to Agta Beach before back when he was 5 years old. It was when his family had a summer outing in Biliran. He was so excited to visit the place and of course me as well, for us to check the changes that happened to the place for almost two decades. He told me that what he remembers was Agta beach seems like a Virgin Beach before same as the Saud Beach in Ilocos. No stores, no resorts and no entrance fee for you to swim there. Only tire swings hanging on the trees that he used to sit and swing there while enjoying the beautiful view of the sea looking at the small island nearby.

20 pesos for Entrance Free

To our surprise, the Virgin Beach is not virgin anymore. haha! Tons of resorts, restaurants and cottages are now inside. On our entrance, we paid 20 pesos each for the admission fee. We are allowed to park the car, swim on the beach and use the public bathroom as well. Isn’t amazing? our 20 pesos is totally worth it. We don’t even need to pay for cottage since most of our stuffs are on the car. It was fun that we even own the beach that time because we are the only guests swimming on the beach. And for what reason? It’s because its Monday morning and as we all know kids are in school and parents are working.

Craving for Seafoods

Since we are so hungry and just had a drive-thru breakfast from McDonalds, we decided to explore the place first before swimming. We look for some restaurants nearby and plan to order some delicious meals for lunch. Whenever I am on the beach, I’m always craving for grilled sea foods. Unfortunately, the restaurant doesn’t have enough stock of seafood yet. Ughh! Too bad.

The Agta Beach Resort offers island hopping packages and water activities as well like snorkeling and scuba diving. We didn’t got a chance to experience and just swim on the beach instead. But if ever opportunity and money will allow, hopefully we can come to this place again and try the scuba diving. Who knows.

The Agta Beach

About my review regarding the Agta Beach, I can say that it is a nice place to stay here and spend time with your love one. The sand is brown and the water unto the distance of approximately 500 meters away is still 3 feet in height. Perfect for kids. Now I know why my boyfriend was brought by his parents here when he was 5 years old. Speaking of my boyfriend, he feel so nostalgic about the place. He even pointed the tire swings hanging on the tree that he used to sit before. Yes. Compare to other beaches, this Agta beach is surrounded by many trees. But as per what we saw, some areas are now converted to resorts.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy my travel adventure to Agta Beach Resort. Feel free to left a comment if you want to share something.

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